Ken Bimpeh (Kento)

Ken Bimpeh

Togbe Hason Anipah - Regent of Hlefi Traditional Area, Togbe Kwasi Bobo - Regent of Hlefi Tsranum, Togbe Amoani II - Chief of Hlefi Domefe, Togbe Adzanku of Hlefi Etoe, Dr. Innocent Kofi Bimpeh - Head of Bimpeh Family (Vitor), Togbe George Agbetsoamedo (Vinor), Mamaga Abram I - Queen Mother of Hlefi Traditional Area, Mama Yaa Xagbe - Nyornu Asafofiaga of Hlefi Traditional Area, The entire families of Bimpeh & Agbadasi of Hlefi Todome & Hlefi Tsranum, The Management & Staff of MODEC Ghana Ltd, Rev. Father Tsevi, the Parish Priest of St. Anthony Catholic Church - Hlefi regret to announce the sudden death of their beloved son

Ken Kofi Bimpeh (Aka Papa Kento)

Which sad event occured on December 27th 2012 at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital



Friday February 8th, 2013. Body will be conveyed from Korle Bu Teaching Hospital to Hlefi. (There will be no wake keeping)

Burial Service: Saturday 9th February 2013 at R.C. Church, Hlefi

Thanksgiving Service: Sunday 10th February 2013 at R.C. Church, Hlefi

FATHER: E. Y. Bimpeh

MOTHER: Ms. Mary Akua Otchere (Deceased)


Dora Danqua, Eunice Danqua, Sarrah Mama Danqua, Peter Kofi Bimpeh, Thomas Bimpeh, Gordon Bimpeh, Steve Bimpeh, Cecil Bimpeh, Perfect Bimpeh, Briggette Bimpeh, Raymond Boatsi, Kelvin Agbovi and siblings


E.Y. Bimpeh, Ephraim Bimpeh, Dr. Innocent Bimpeh, Stephen Bimpeh, Billy Bimpeh, Rose Bimpeh, Johnson Bimpeh, Michael Dzankura, Victoria Bimpeh, Patience Bimpeh, Stephen Kofi Kpor, Togbe George Agbetsoamedo, Mrs. Gladys Otchere Ofosu, Dacoster Athur, Togbe Jam Dzohoe, Madam Tina Mottey, Lucy Boboli (Mamalu), Dina Boboli, Ephraim Adatsi, Doris Dordor, David Kakati, Grace Obirikrong, Mr. & Mrs. Fidel Tetteh, Mr. & Mrs. Mawuli Katahena, Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Fiakeye & the Bor families of Agate.


All friends and symphathizers are cordially invited

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On 05/07/2018 14:09:38 K. Chesil (Baltimore, Maryland - United States)  wrote:
I am sorry for your lost and hope that you will find comfort in praying to God for the strength to endure this trying time in your life. Rev 21:4
On 06/03/2013 00:37:50 Cheritta Seyram (Ho - Ghana)  wrote:
U will forever be remembered Kenny.May you rest well till we meet again.RIP dear one
On 08/02/2013 10:24:54 Eli Kuadey MOBA 99 (Accra - Ghana)  wrote:
Hearing the sad news of your passing was shocking! So full of live and promise, I had always believed you were going to soar above the skies. Now here you, in the arms of the Father, albeit too early. He knows best, we thank Him for your life. But this one, is very painful...we will miss you. RIP, Ken. God be with you.
On 05/02/2013 04:42:30 Laura Sedem Dogbey (accra - Ghana)  wrote:
he best way to remember someone it to do it with a smile on your face. You will not be able to do it soon but at least try and this will make the soul of the one who has gone happy RIP DON PAPA KENTO
On 01/02/2013 10:33:10 Gabriel Lawson (Accra, Ghana - Ghana)  wrote:
RIP Bro!!!
On 26/01/2013 13:53:24 Ernest Halm (Liverpool - United Kingdom (great Britain))  wrote:
Ken, May God grant u eternal peace in your resting place. Will Carry Mate.
On 18/01/2013 08:54:23 manoli sicho bimpeh (tema - Ghana)  wrote:
This world is not my home I'm just a passing through My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue The angels beckon me from heaven's open door And I can't feel at home in this world anymore Oh Lord you know I have no friend like you If heaven's not my home then Lord what will I do The angels beckon me from heaven's open door And I can't feel at home in this world anymore.big bro,i will miss you sooo much.all i have to say is,its in peace.
On 16/01/2013 23:19:49 Nana Kwame Appiah Nkansa MOBA 99, BA upper dorm, S 1. ( - Ghana)  wrote:
Brother da yie' ... May u have a peaceful rest in the Lords bosom.
On 14/01/2013 04:14:44 Mercy Dzigbordi Anipah (accra - Ghana)  wrote:
it is very sad that young and very energetic man like u (KENTO) will be missed in action in terms of developmental goals of Hlefi development hmmmmmm!!!!! God Gives and Takes Rest In Perfect Peace.
On 12/01/2013 23:21:06 Donald Duodu (Twumbee) (Accra - Ghana)  wrote:
May you rest in perfect peace.
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Kento, you will be missed (21/02/2014 23:00:56)
by Duduvi  Relationship --Friend
What a friend we have missed. Till we meet again
miss u (15/03/2013 09:59:58)
by Ama  Relationship --Friend
miss u kento,always will.fare well
Miss you (06/03/2013 01:32:00)
by Ama  Relationship --Friend
it's funny and crazy to say I keep calling ur phone each passing day.u were a friend and a brother.I practically enjoyed ur's painful and very difficult to wake up knowing that u r no more.I remember u asked for an indigenous name,'Deladem'.hmmm who else will I call that?tears keep running down my cheeks anytime I remember u r gone but I take consolation in the fact that ur work here is done and the good Lord knows best.u will forever and ever be missed.Rest well Papa Kento.
Till we meet again (02/02/2013 21:02:15)
by Liduina  Relationship --Friend
You know Ken I still can't believe you are gone, I keep going to your facebook page, checking our last chats on whatsapp or looking at our unfinished game on words with friends and hoping for a sign, you know just something that will make this pain go away. Papa Mentor, you were loved in life and will be missed in death. Hopefully one day I will be able to finally say goodbye but I just am not ready so I will say see you.
SAD INDEED (01/02/2013 20:07:39)
by Abbiw Williams  Relationship --Friend
Ken I am very sad.I can't pretend.May u rest in Peace untill we meet again.Moba 99 will miss u forever.

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